How to make chocolate fans

Chocolate Decoration
December 2, 2012 There are two techniques for creating this decoration. In the first method, the couverture is converted into a sticky mass by adding oil or nougat. The quantities used depend upon the quality of the couverture, the ambient temperature, and the temperature of the marble slab. The lower the temperature, the more fat is required. Heat {Tags: } {More...}

How to Make Chocolate Rolls

Chocolate Decoration
Making chocolate rolls is easy, but it calls for a little practice, as you have to work quickly. The couverture remains at the right consistency for making rolls only for a short time, so it is important to spread only small area of chocolate at a time.  The marble slab and the room in which {Tags: , , } {More...}

Tempering Chocolate Couverture

Tempering Couverture
March 31, 2012 Temperature is crucial when working with chocolate for patisserie and confectionery Couverture is the special type of chocolate used in patisserie and confectionery, which flows more readily than the type of chocolate found in candy bars. The consistency you need will depend on what you are using it for, such as covering cakes or coating {Tags: , , } {More...}